Who is Ahmed Arif?

Who is Ahmed Arif?

Ahmed Arif, the poet of loving and longing, is a treasure of gold that has always been ignored because of the contrary voice of our recent literature. Nobody has been able to give the love and warmth of Anatolia in his poems so well and skillfully. Ahmed Arif, who reflects the sincere naturalness of human stories and spoken language that takes people away from himself, into his poetry language with the most concise and warmest metaphors, […]

The poet of love and longing, Ahmed Arif, is the golden treasure that has always been ignored due to the contrary voice of our recent literature. . Nobody has been able to give the love and warmth of Anatolia in his poems so well and skillfully. Ahmed Arif, who reflects the sincere naturalness of the human stories and spoken language that takes people away from him, into his poetry language with the most concise and warmest metaphors, has created a school of his own, like the rings of a chain that complements each other. The author, who lived in the most volatile and difficult periods of our country in the history written himself, lived in various layers of the public and fed his poems directly with the feelings and voices of the people.

Well, who is the owner of such a powerful pen, also has a place for himself in official literature books. Who is Ahmed Arif who could not find it?

8439_1 Ahmed Arif says hello to the world and life in the history-smelling Hançepek neighborhood of Diyarbakır, decorated with all the vitality and beauty of the spring season in April.

According to official records, the real name of the poet who came to the world on 21 April 1927 is Ahmed Önal, but he adopts the name of his father Arif Hikmet as his surname and gives himself this name. Arif Hikmet Bey is a family immigrated from Rumelia by his father and is engaged in various state offices. His mother’s name is Sare Hanım. Ahmed Arif dies in just a year after his birth. After her mother’s death, her stepmother Arife Hanım takes care of her and states in her autobiography that her biological mother, stepmother and father have a special place. As a result of his love and devotion to them, he was subjected to severe beatings and tortures because he responded to the guards and policemen who swore him in the same way while he was in prison. He studied in. While he was here, he had the most adventurous days of his childhood. He studied high school as a boarding student in Afyon. According to his own expression, we learn that his love and world of poetry is shaped here.The poet expresses these years, in which he laid the foundations of his poetry, in his own words: “These are those years. The year must be 1943… I am 16-17 years old if the stone cracks. I am writing poems all the time. A magazine is printed on glossy paper with the name Seçme Şiirler Demeti. Neyzen Tevfik at the top left of a page and Ahmed Arif at the top right. I am Neyzen Tevfik’s grandson, of course then even smaller. I also get 10 liras from the magazine, copyright. Imagine my father can send me 5 liras a month. That’s why 10 lira was a big money for that time. ” the poet tells his life story. ” As can be seen from the expression of the poet, it is obvious under what conditions he continued his education in high school and the extent of his mastery in poetry with his passion for poetry. High school years are also the period when the first cores of his poetry come to life. One of his poems that first found a place for him in literary circles and publications is the poem titled “Gözlerin”, published in the November issue of the Afyon Halkevi magazine, Taşpınar in 1942.

My eyes are the spirit of the blue.
God’s children sleep in its clarity,
And absorbs the lapses of white shadows.

After his difficult high school years, the university adventure begins, where the real troubles of his life will be experienced.

While he was a student of Ankara University Faculty of Language and History and Geography Department of Philosophy, the place where left-wing intellectuals of that period were raised and gathered, he was arrested twice in 1950 with the allegation of violating Article 141 of the Turkish Penal Code (TCK) and establishing a secret organization in 1952. , was tried and sentenced for 2 years. In prison, where he faced various kinds of torture and pressure, he attempted suicide by cutting his wrists, unable to withstand the torture that took place. After he was released from prison, he earned his living by dealing with technical jobs in newspapers and magazines in Ankara.

In the 1960s, he entered the world house with Aynur Hanım and had a boy from this marriage and he loved his son so much that he named it “Filinta”. . His love for his son is so high that in one of his interviews he puts his love for him in the following words: “I heard the greatest joy in my life the day I became a father. Do you believe that I carried my son’s birth certificate in my pocket for exactly two years. It was like the richest wallet in the world in my pocket. I had a son. My son, the most beautiful pigeon in the world… The most powerful weapon in the world. ”

8439_2 In addition, the love letters she wrote to Leyla Erbil, who was 4 years younger than her when she was married to Aynur Hanım, have a special place in her life and literary identity.

After the death of his poet, these letters are published as a book by Leyla Erbil. It is possible to see the dimensions of this passion in a section of these letters.
“I open my eyes to you in the morning and take my sleep from you in the evening. Wherever I turn, I find that wonderful dizziness of happiness before me. And yet I am not grateful for me; rascality, greed, I offend you. I don’t think I will make you bored, I will make you sick. Worry for you, I will be a problem for you, you are what you are. Dear, friend, lover, friend… All of them. Most of all, you are the first Leyla to me. You are my hope, my eyes to the world, my standing tree. You are my flying bird, my flowing water. To be able to tell you. I got rid of the wheels of hell. I am cold, shut your eyes… ”

Ahmed Arif stopped being actively interested in poetry after his prison years, especially after his poetry book titled“ Longing for the Shackles ”. After retiring, he retired and said goodbye to life alone in Ankara. has. He had a heart attack in his house where he lived alone in Ankara on June 2, 1991, and left us.

Literary Personality

8439_3 The artist, who started with poetry in his childhood, has distilled the feelings of the people from his heart with the distiller. He put it on paper with a light reflected from his unique window.

The great masters of social realist poetry, of which he gave the most charming samples over time, has a special place in him. Nazım Hikmet has always been the infinite fountain of inspiration for him. Again, Cahit Külebi, Ahmed Hamdi Tanpınar are the names that nourish the calm and introverted world in him. Orhan Veli’s sensitivity and plain language that reflects the life of ordinary people to literature shows how much he was influenced by Orhan Veli. Again, his fellow countryman Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı’s poems kneaded with wisdom are among the important sources that feed Ahmed Arif’s poems. The poet, who says that he wrote poems mostly during the hours he was alone with himself at night, with the sensitivity he got from life. He wrote extraordinary, passionate, and wonderfully melodious contemporary poems, using his lyrical, epic and original style with all his vividness, the voice of the geography he lived in, his people and the public source. His poems dealt with bravery, resistance to cruelty and crying out for injustice without hesitation, and never lacked love for the country and people. As can be guessed from his correspondence with his forbidden love Leyla Erbil, he gave the best examples of secret and unrequited love.Although he has written a single work throughout his life, he expresses that he has worked for years in this book with the following words: “I released my first and only poetry book I Worn Out Shackles in 1968. It was my only book, but I spent 20 years for it. If we count the poems added with subsequent editions, it is exactly 50 years. ”

It is known that the poet’s poems in this poetry book, as well as many of his poems that were not published and remained in his lovers or detained by the police. After his death and lived many poems Ahmet Kaya, Cem Karaca, was composed by artists such as Suave.
‘Leyla Leyla my book, Turkey Business Bank Cultural yayınlarıyasak Literature (03/30/2013 )

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