What is Nirvana? How To Reach Nirvana?

What is Nirvana? How To Reach Nirvana?

It is a philosophy that tells you that one should accept the truth as it is and that the person should be satisfied with the situation he is in. Fearless; It is a concept that advocates living a worry-free life and letting everything flow without thinking about the end.

It is a kind of It is a philosophy that tells that one should be satisfied with the situation.

Fearless; It is a concept that defends the need to live a life without worry and let everything flow without thinking about the end. It is a way of thinking that ignores the bad sides of life and prioritizes beauty. In the Buddha culture, this understanding means the liberation of the soul and its rise to the highest level. The thought that pain is believed to be a concept far from the soul contains different meanings today. The person puts aside nirvana, his distress, his sadness, and enjoys the moment. The concept of “nirvana”, which describes the spiritual stages, describes the effort of the person up to the desired facts and the pleasure when the effort is paid off at the end.

Nirvana argues that there are certain stages in achieving success. He sees concepts such as right view, thinking, word, action, effort, remembrance, and life as the key to happiness. The understanding that recognizes its real existence and that it is necessary to free the soul argues that the thoughts of others should be avoided. Adopting that natural flow is beneficial and believes that it is necessary to perpetuate life without going over the things that will not happen, without fear that the events will be repeated.


A feature similar to the Yoga philosophy The understanding of nirvana that carries tells about the ways of reaching the beauties of life. Believing that what is happening should be accepted as it is, the understanding defends that it should be lived by believing that the pain will end one day. Acting with the logic that no pain lasts forever, the concept thinks that it is necessary to be an individual away from hatred and evil. He recommends that he can only achieve nirvana in this way. It is an understanding that believes in the idea of ​​purifying from selfishness and guides to get away from suffering and pessimism and return to its own self. He believes that good people will one day reach the peak of happiness. And he thinks that people who have experienced very bad things will now change their lives and move from evil to good.

The most effective way to reach Nirvana is to control excessive emotions and passions. The most important idea of ​​this understanding is that the actions taken by a person throughout his life will come to the fore in his future life. In other words, whatever you plant, it acts on the logic of reaping it. This concept, which foresees being a person who respects people’s thoughts, believes that it will always be useful to think well. She thinks that being willing to what life brings and believing that one should be lived makes less pain. This understanding thinks that people will definitely get the reward of their labor and work and argues that they will reach nirvana as a result of success.

Author: Elif Açıkgöz

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