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What does it mean if the baby is very active?

While the movements of babies are enough for mothers to be excited and happy from the first day of their pregnancy, it is important for their health and development to be active in the period after birth.

The movements of babies during pregnancy make mothers upset and happy; it may even be due to eating a favorite meal, although not all expectant mothers forget their baby’s first moves. The baby that reduces your sadness and movements during pregnancy and even causes you to worry about health; He will increase his actions with joy. While the mobility of the baby during pregnancy is a sign that it is healthy, it will continue at full speed after birth.

While watching the movements of the newborn baby in the arms and legs, it will usually be involuntary. In the future, thanks to the sitting of the baby’s nervous system, hand, arm and leg movements will be noticed visibly and become meaningful. In infants, from top to bottom While the beginning is head control, the baby will make an effort to complete his own controlled movements, using his arms to reach for something and then his hands to hold. While babies start to sit with support and then unsupported in the future, this development process will continue to crawl.

The baby who starts to crawl will try to accelerate their movements to discover innovations. After crawling, the toddler will then complete his movements as they should, by running and climbing up and down stairs. While the movements of the babies are experienced in the order we have stated, the days that mothers follow with excitement at first, but especially after crawling, will cause them to have some minor problems with their mischievous children. Preparing an area that will allow your baby to move comfortably will ensure that it will not have any problems and will make it possible to have a more enjoyable time.

In places where babies can reach with their crawling, sorting and first steps, there should be no cutting, sharp items, as well as hanging covers and glassware. to prevent unwanted accidents. Active babies do not gain weight, and their development will progress significantly compared to their peers. The fact that parents take care of their babies and play different games especially when they start to crawl will accelerate their movements and have a positive effect on their development.

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