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Sexuality and Health

The benefits of sexuality on human health make it not just a pleasure channel. The benefits of a quality sex life range from reducing stress levels to reducing the risk of cancer and heart attacks. Sex facilitates the feeling of relationship and intimacy with one’s partner, reduces anxiety, and improves overall health. For a stronger immune system or a better sleep, it is beneficial to know the health benefits of sexual life in detail.

Strengthens the Immune System

Stability in sexual life prevents diseases. According to studies, it has been observed that sexually active people are less sick compared to those who are not sexually active. Sex; It increases your body’s ability to produce protective antibodies against bacteria, viruses and other disease-causing germs. Of course, developing a robust immune system takes more than living a healthy sex life. Consuming healthy foods, exercising, getting enough sleep and getting vaccinations all contribute to strong and healthy immunity against infectious diseases.

Increases Libido

Sex is the best antidote to decreased libido.

Some of the complaints that make it difficult for women to have sex include pain and vaginal dryness. Sexual activity can help relieve these complaints. Sex; improves vaginal lubrication, blood flow to the vagina, and tissue elasticity; they provide better, more enjoyable sex and higher libido.

Provides Bladder Control in Women

Urinary incontinence is a complaint that affects approximately 30% of women at some point in life. Having regular orgasms works and strengthens a woman’s pelvic floor muscles. Orgasms work the muscles that women use when doing kegel exercises. Having stronger pelvic muscles means minimizing the risk of urine leakage.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Millions of people suffering from high blood pressure have stated that sex helps reduce these complaints. Many studies have documented the link between sexual intercourse (not masturbation) and low systolic blood pressure, which is the first number to appear on a blood pressure test. This is good news for people who want to easily aid their lifestyle (diet, exercise, stress reduction) and medication strategies to bring their blood pressure to a healthy level.

Regular sexual activity cannot replace gym sessions, but living an active, healthy sex life is a nice way to get extra physical activity.

Low Risk of Heart Attack

For those who want a healthier heart. It is recommended to have a more regular sex life. Sexual activity keeps hormone levels such as estrogen and testosterone in check. When these hormones are out of balance, conditions such as heart disease and osteoporosis can develop. Having sex makes more sense when it comes to maintaining heart health. A study in men showed that those who had sex at least twice a week were 50% less likely to die from heart disease than their less sexually active peers.

Pain Reduces

Sexual stimulation (including masturbation) and orgasm, away from pain can help stop it. Both activities can reduce pain sensation and increase the pain threshold. Orgasm causes the release of hormones that can help block pain signals.

One study showed that men with frequent orgasms (defined as 21 or more times a month) are less likely to develop prostate cancer than those with less orgasms. It doesn’t matter if the orgasm happens through sexual intercourse, masturbation or nocturnal emissions. Of course, although there are more factors in prostate cancer risk than ejaculation frequency, this is an interesting finding.

Improves Sleep Quality

Sex can help you sleep better. Because orgasm simulates the release of a hormone called prolactin, which is a natural sleep aid. Prolactin promotes feelings of relaxation and sleepiness. This is just one of the reasons why you may realize that you fall asleep easier after having sex.

Reducing Stress

Sex is a great stress reliever. This is because it promotes the release of “feel-good” substances that provide touch, hug, sexual intimacy and emotional attachment, bonding and calmness. Sexual stimulation also releases substances in the brain that stimulate the reward and pleasure system. Increasing intimacy and intimacy can help alleviate anxiety and increase overall health.

Increases Calorie Burn

People who want to take care of their health should add sex to the list of calorie-burning activities.

This is enough to burn 570 calories in a 327 hour sexual life.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Better cardiovascular health can be as close to the bedroom for many. Although some people worry that being physically affected by sex can lead to paralysis, science suggests otherwise. In a study of 900 men over 20 years, researchers found that the frequency of sexual activity did not increase the risk of stroke. It has also been reported that sex protects people against fatal heart attacks. Men who have sex at least twice a week have reduced their risk of a fatal heart attack by 50% compared to those who have sex less than once a month.

Strengthens Your Well-being

People contact each other for social connection they should be in the mood. According to scientific studies; Interaction with friends and family enhances a person’s overall health and well-being. Having close relationships with loved ones, including their spouse, makes a person happier and healthier compared to those who are less well connected.

Develop Relationships by Getting Closer

People hug each other on the way to developing warm, sincere relationships.

As is commonly known, this “love hormone” helps to develop feelings of love and trust. In a study with women in the premenopausal period, which is a period of menopause, the more time women spend and hug their partners to cuddle, the higher their oxytocin levels are. This hormone also inspires feel-good emotions and peace.

Makes You Look Younger

When aesthetic and anti-aging creams are considered, people with regular sex life do not need them, they look younger. Regular sex stimulates the release of estrogen and testosterone, hormones that are vital to keeping a person looking younger. Estrogen supports younger looking skin and radiant appearance. In one study, the referees saw participants through a one-way mirror and estimated their age. It has been determined that those who have sex with a normal partner at least 4 times a week are 7 to 12 years younger than they actually are.

It Gives the Secret to Living Longer

There are many factors in living longer, but it could include having more sex.

Of course many factors contribute to longevity, but leading an active sex life can be an easy and enjoyable way to prolong life.

Increases Brain Power

When counted in detail, the benefits of gender really extend from top to bottom. An active sex life can make the brain work better. Researchers have discovered that gender transforms the brain into a more analytical and thinking process. Studies on animals show that sexual life increases memory spaces in the brain.

Sex Makes Fertilization Easier

Of course, practice makes this idea perfect when it comes to raising your family. A study conducted at a fertility center found that men who had daily orgasms for a week had better quality sperm than those who did not have a daily orgasm. Men in the daily ejaculation group have sperm that are less fragmented than DNA from the sperm of men who ejaculate less frequently.

Filling sperm with healthy DNA are more likely to fertilize an egg.
In addition to the most well-known benefits of sex, there are lesser-known benefits. They are as follows:

• Testosterone hormone secreted during sexual activity has strengthening benefits in bones.
• In the regular possible situation of sex life, the dose and frequency of the act of laughter increases. In fact, someone who spreads smiles around imposes a smile of peace and happiness around him.
• Menstrual syndrome reduces the risk or helps its mild course.
• It offers a change in living areas such as being a workaholic by preventing living in only one direction. .
• The self-confidence of the person who brings his / her spouse to physical and emotional satisfaction increases.
• Helps the person to overcome his / her own boundaries and get rid of monotony.
• Sometimes resentment with the spouse; it gives way to peace thanks to sexual life Removes the feelings of resentment and grudge.
• Prolactin secreted during orgasm activates the olfactory center of the brain and improves the sense of smell.

The quality of sexual life in partnerships is important for both the longevity of the togetherness and the noticeable benefits. .

Sex; Its positive effects on normal life are indisputable. Sexuality, which is seen to be beneficial in solving the small tensions that occur in togetherness, is also mentioned with its effects on physical and mental health and its effective role in the well-being of individuals, family and general society, respectively.

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