Nutritional Disorders

Nutritional Disorders

Eating disorders and behaviors

42-15654124 People have to be fed to maintain their lives. Sometimes nutrition can turn into a game. When you get too involved in this game, I think malnutrition occurs. First of all, overnutrition constitutes a concept called obesity. Most of the people with obesity are disturbed by its appearance. Especially they complain about not having the clothes they bought recently. This brings some problems with it. It can be summarized as material and spiritual problems. They do diets, exercises etc… to get rid of their excess weight. First of all, people who diet should go through a doctor’s control. We know that some diseases can also cause obesity. Especially hypothyroidism, which is less work of thyroid hormone, can cause obesity. After being checked by a doctor, people should turn to a dietician. Is diet only important? Of course not, the food we eat must be spent; In other words, the energy gained from food must be spent… This happens with movement. These movements should also be made consciously. Especially experts recommend regular walking. In my opinion, this walk is better if it is outdoors. First of all, in order for a person to lose weight, he must believe this and apply it.

Another situation of eating disorders is the desire to eat less. As long as this is in moderation, it also helps to maintain our weight. If it is not measured, diseases called anorexia nervosa and blumia will occur. In both these types of diseases, people do not like their own body. They want to be weaker, weaker, weaker. In particular, they make their desire to lose weight by taking someone’s example. In anorexia nervosa, the patient does not want to eat. Even the smell of food is disgusting to him. In Blumia, the patient comes out with a deliberate vomiting after eating. To treat people with this condition, one must first teach them to love their bodies. More precisely, it is necessary to reconcile with themselves. The people who will do this must first be their own family, friends, etc…. In this case, help can be obtained from psychiatrists or psychologists. In short, supportive treatment…

Life and nutrition are two related concepts. As we see, the balance that is in everything also appears in nutrition. In my opinion, we should consume all foodstuffs in moderation. Meanwhile, we should consume at least 2.5 liters of water a day.

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