Malaga Cake (Pyrex Cake)

Malaga Cake (Pyrex Cake)

Ingredients for Malaga Cake (Pyrex Cake) Recipe

  • 4 eggs (If your eggs are large, 3 is enough)
  • 1 glass of sugar
  • Half a glass of oil
  • Half a glass of milk itemprop =” ingredients ” > 3 tablespoons of cocoa
  • 1 pack of baking powder
  • 1 pack of vanilla
  • As much as it takes un
  • Half glass of milk
  • 4 glasses of milk
  • 1 finger less sugar from 1 water glass
  • 2 tablespoons starch 3.5 tablespoons flour
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1 pack of vanilla
  • 1 pack of powdered whipped cream
  • Banana
  • 1 pack of cream
  • 80 gr milk chocolate
  • 80 gr dark chocolate

Malaga Cake (Pyrex Cake) Recipe Preparation

  1. First we make our cake. We whisk the eggs and sugar until it becomes creamy.
  2. Then we add the other ingredients one by one and continue to whisk. < We bake in a preheated oven. Let's prepare the cream while our cake is baking.
  3. We put all the ingredients in our pot except the whipped cream and vanilla and whisk.
  4. Then we turn on the bottom of the stove and mix it until it becomes a pudding.
  5. When it is cooked, we add the vanilla. We add and let it cool.
  6. After it cools down, we add whipped cream and whisk it thoroughly with a whisk.
  7. We pour half a glass of milk on the cake we take out from the oven.
  8. We add our pudding and arrange the bananas in order.
  9. For chocolate ganache, first we heat our cream, when it reaches the boiling consistency, we add our chocolates and mix it.
  10. We divide our completely melted chocolates over bananas.
  11. After resting in the fridge for 1 hour You can decorate and serve as. For those who have already tried it.

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