About Us

When we decided to write “about us” for our company, which has been serving since 1999, we realized that this was not as easy as we thought and told other companies.

We know that the white papers are perhaps the last part to be read on a website. However, every company must have a section that describes itself in a part of their website. And of course, this article should contain very short and clear information about the services provided.

Briefly for ALLOVER INFORMATION; “Do not forget to visit our site for all the information you need in daily life.” we can say.

When you get to know ALLOVER INFORMATION a little more, you can understand that it is a little different from other websites. We have been serving in the fields of information content for a long time, knowing that being different is not just by shouting “We are different …” in company introduction texts or slogans.

So why is ALLOVER INFORMATION different from other websites?


Before everything;

“We really love our job.”
Perhaps this is the sole and only reason for our success. Because we know that; However, when you love a job, you work to improve yourself and become more successful in that field. Everyone involved in the ALLOVER INFORMATION team also loves their job and makes an effort to develop in their own fields.

“We are constantly seeking to be better at our job.”
Perhaps more than any other website, we are constantly doing research on topics such as content. We try to keep track of what is new in these areas and adapt them to be available materials for our customers.

“We always turn our faces outside.”
Unlike other websites, almost all designers and programmers that we take as an example for ourselves are people or teams who have signed important projects abroad. By reaching out to these people, we are constantly trying to better understand how our work is done outside. When we do R&D work for a project, we must first examine the websites of companies that successfully carry out our customer’s business abroad and take these projects as an example.

“We produce solutions, not excuses.”
We know very well that the job we are trying to do is more difficult than expected. While conducting important projects of many different companies at the same time, we encounter various problems. However, rather than looking for excuses as to why these problems cannot be solved, we concentrate on how to solve these problems. Therefore, we produce “solutions”, not “excuses”, while carrying out these projects.

“We work in a disciplined and programmed manner.”
Regardless of the sector you serve, whatever your working conditions are regulated; We believe that if you want to be successful in that field, it is necessary to work in a disciplined manner within the framework of certain programs. We organize the work flow for every project we work on and we take care that all our employees, including the project team, remain loyal to this process.

Of course, these are not all the features that make ALLOVER INFORMATION different. When you get to know us better, you can understand better why we are “different”.

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